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Who We Are

Arte Sin Fronteras | Voices Without Boarders

Cine sin cines was founded by widely acclaimed and highly honored Mexican-American Actress, Elpidia Carrillo, in 2014. After a journey through the her homeland she noticed a need and desire the people had for Arts and Cinema, so she decided to do something about it, so Cine Sin Cines was born.
Cine Sin Cines wanted to bring film and culture into communities were there were none, and by bringing films were there no theaters existed Cine Sin Cines reached out to an audience that never before experienced the magic of seeing a film on a big screen. 
Cine Sin Cines Inernational film festival has grown every year, and it now includes workshops in where Cine Sin Cines teach all aspects of filmmaking to the rural  communities, empowering them with new skills and inspirations, giving them the tools to tell their stories. 
Cine Sin Cines is now bringing communities, creators and collaborators together from all over the world
and we are continuing to spread our message of Love, Creativity and Knowledge.

Our core values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions and help us enjoy our time at work and in life.

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Our Mission

El Festival Internacional de Cine Sin Cines (CSC) tiene como meta abrir espacios y darle alojo a aquellos artistas natos y con experiencia que busquen saber, ampliar y perfeccionar acerca de las bellas artes. Para ello, se buscará el respaldo de instituciones afines que contribuyan a la formación de ese talento que se detonará. CSC será el instrumento que coadyuvará a generar los próximos talentos. No se puede aspirar a una sociedad moderna, pero también justa, si no se le otorgan las bases para irla construyendo. Los valores que le dan sentido a esta organización justamente son los que se cumplirán a cabalidad para generar a nuestros próximos artistas, mediante la capacitación y el empleo de un modelo creado especialmente, atendiendo el entorno local y a la vez, las nuevas formas de las diversas ramas del arte.

The International Film Festival Cine Sin Cines (CSC) aims to open spaces and accommodate born and experienced artists who seek to know, expand and perfect the fine arts. For this, we seek the support of related institutions that contribute to forming and supporting new talent. CSC will be the instrument that will help to generate the new talent. It is not possible to shelter a modern and healthy society if the platforms are not given to building it. The values ​​that give meaning to this organization are precisely those that will foster new artists, through training and the use of a specially created model, taking care of the local environment and, at the same time, the new forms of various art branches.

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Meet Some of Our Team

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Let’s Work Together

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